Svinnsmarta Fikarecept

Do you overpower bananas lying and littering? Maybe some of the avocadas were already brown? And what to do with all day-old bread?

Here are some good wvinnmart recipes to eat to the coffee / mellis / dessert.

Banana bread or ice cream on overmoging bananas

Banana bread is a lovely way to use over-greeting bananas on, and we share a prescription here.

But if you do not have time to do something just just when the bananas are there and do laugh I recommend cutting them into slices, put them in a stasher bag and freeze.

Then you can access the banana pieces and optional frozen berries / nuts / seed tubes) and mix them with the rod mixer to an ice cream! (This is the absolute favorite dish of my daughter).

Chocolate mousse with avocado

Avocado can be a real "hit and miss", sometimes you can't eat them up before they are overmogging, and sometimes you can choose "wrong" in the store and come home with one that is already brown.

Fortunately, there is very good man can do on brown avocador - like chocolate mousse!

Here is a simple recipe: 

Vanilla and cardamammaskorpor.

When I worked at the cafe 15 years ago, we used to grill yesterday's sandwich in the paninigrill, cut it in bars and serve with today's soup to dip in. Swordsmart and appreciated.

A cute tip to the fikat is to transform dry old bread to crispy sweet crusts.

Cut the bread into slices. Bre on some melted butter on each disc. Sprinkle sugar, vanilla and cardamom on a plate. Dip the buttery side of the bread in the lovely spice mix. Put the bread pieces in the oven at 75 ° C until dried to crust. Mums!