7 hållbara förändringar du kan börja med idag!

Only the idea of ​​changing his lifestyle and its habits can feel overwhelming, and it is easy to make it something that feels so big that you do not know where to start.

For me it facilitates making changes in smaller steps rather than making a whopping change at once. The main thing is that you start, where or how much or how little is less importance, it usually comes naturally when you start.

Here are some sustainable changes that one can start with at once:

Buy only as much food as you need

Food is a big problem, and in Swedish households throw About 420,000 tonnes, which corresponds to 45 kg of edible food per person unnecessarily.

Instead of walking and storing everything you can go a little more and buy less food so that you can use it before it gets bad, especially fresh fruits and vegetables that become poor quickly.

There are many ways to get fruit and vegetables to last longer, self experience huge difference since I started using Food Huggers, superimpately and reduces food waste.

Buy household products in multi-pack

An exception to above is Goods with long durability and supplies such as toilet paper. You can buy in multi-pack or in large packages.


Before you decide to throw something, think about whether it is possible to use it to something else? I usually do Re-embody the external packages that Patch environmentally friendly patches comes in to keep other things or use as a pen holder, and Little plastic coffee cups. In glass with aluminum cap to everything from smoothies, small storage and brush cups.

Recycling and Reuse

Perhaps a matter of course for many, but to be sorting right and recycle as much as possible is both easy and effective (even better for the environment, however, is, however, to choose reusable options, as reusable Tote bags and fabric bags).

Eat more herbal

Meat production causes large greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn affects global warming negatively, partly because large amounts of greenhouse gases are discharged from animal digestion, via fertilizer and through feed production.

By reducing our carnivorous, we not only contribute with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, but also reduced amounts of chemical emissions and less eutrophication of our watercourses, as a result of artificial fertilization.

Replace chemical cleaning products

There is Environmentally friendly cleaning products which is natural but at least as effective and significantly more environmentally friendly than ordinary.

I love Cleaning concentrate such as Oceansaver. and EcoVibes dissolving bags or Neats Bottles where one himself adds its own tap water instead of the more conventional variants containing large amounts of water, which is heavy and bad for the environment to transport here and where (These reduce emissions by 94% compare to regular cleaning agents!).

Learn to understand labels and content

In order to be sorting right and choosing environmentally friendly products, it is good to learn to understand content and which certificates and labels to look for.

Here is a link to the nature conservation association where they go through the different labels: https://www.naturskyddsforeningen.se/miljomarkningar

A new label that has been added in the UK is Plastic Free "The label you can find several products in our range, eg. Ichoc chocolate! This means that the product is ceritified plastic free!