7 hållbara förändringar som inte kostar något

Starting with more durable habits do not need to cost the shirt, on the contrary! Many sustainable changes are not only cheaper than keeping at old habits, they do not have to cost anything at all.

Here are some simple changes we can all do ...

Cook and repair

There are so many smart and finchful tricks on how to easily save a blouse or sweater with a little needle and thread without being a sewing profession. Instagram profile @pengarellerpyselen often shows inspiring and simple solutions to everything from how to save small holes in the shirt with embroidery on how to hide stains on the children's shirts using anxious old sweaters.

Reuse and re-embarked.

Reuse the glass can when the contents are over instead of recycling it at once. Small cans can be used for jewelry and small items, while large can be used to store lenses, beans, etc.

Sell ​​gadgets / clothes you no longer want or need

By selling or changing yourself, you have better control over where the garments / gadgets end up and can ensure that someone actually gets the use of them. To donate clothes to charity is obviously much better than throwing them in the garbage, but then 60% of the clothes second-hand stores get in are things that cannot be selling or things that become unsold in the stores (according to Magnus Lundén, unit manager for red The second hand shops) can be a little difficult to know what is actually happening with the garments in the end.

Get your mail and bills digitally

Do you get the mailbox full of unnecessary paper post and advertising that you can really get digitally? In addition to the actual transport pressure and all trees that are cut down unnecessarily, the envelopes with plastic windows are also sent in a problem when they can not be recycled.se if you can get your bills and invoices via email or on the Kivra app and sign up with Spar To put an advertising latch on your postal address.

Surprise better.

95% of Swedish households state that they sorts which is the top - but more than half of all plastic packaging is sorted errors and is instead sorted as combustible, which means that they are completely burned in unnecessarily instead of recycling to fresh plastic. We have to get better!

Reduce car skiing

By taking the bike, you not only save money but get exercise, fresh air and make a service for the environment. Win Win on all fronts simply. If it is too far to cycle, consider traveling collectively a few days a week, eg. Share on a car like family instead of having each.

Keep your food correctly

By storing the food correctly, you reduce the food, a large environmental problem in today's society (you knew that about 1.3 billion tons of food is thrown?). Store e.g. Oranges, lemons and lime in the refrigerator (not in the fruit bowl), and bananas and avocado at room temperature. Also, stare yourself blind on the best-before date, smell and taste before you drag any conclusions.

A smart way to store food without using disposable plastic is Food Huggers, silicone cap used over and over and which extends the durability of fruit and vegetables. Even Food Wraps / Beeswaxes are a great way to store food. Buying these costs a slant but you save money in the long run when they are reusable unlike plastic foil.