Detta kan du göra med dina använda tepåsar

Do you usually throw your tea bags or your solved when you drunk up?

Tea has more uses than just brew a good drink!

Here we share some tips to get more of your tea and let it make more benefit ...

Use as a fertilizer for plants: Some plants love sump and old tea leaves. Special salad plants and roses! Stop the tea in the earth to fertilize the earth and keep away pests and mice (if you use finished tea bags, open them first). Another option is to cuddle up the tea again and store in a jug, then use the weak tea to watering the plants and protecting them against fungal infections.

Absorb bad odor: Tea leaves have an ability to absorb odor, therefore one can e.g. put them in the bottom of the soup lock to remove any stench. You can also use them to remove the smell from stinking training shoes by stopping some used tea bags in them.

Fight swelling & dark circles under the eyes: By adding cool moist tea bags on the eyes, swelling and dark rings decrease as they are rich in antioxidants and can promote blood circulation. Keep your old tea bags in the fridge so they are ready to be developed whenever you want to relax and treat yourself to some self care. Just make sure they are sealed so you don't get tea in the eyes.

Get away coating on disk: Do you have coating on pots and plates that are difficult to get away? By soaking them in hot water with some used tea bags in the fat fat and the dirt up, completely free from chemicals. Disking is so much easier afterwards!

Make iSte of the remains: Empty your used tea in a jug with water and let stand overnight. Silay then away the tea leaves, pipes in sugar and a little pressed lemon. Voilá! Serve cold and store in the fridge.