Miljövänliga och hållbara Halloweentips!

Trying to reduce its climate imprint and live more environmentally friendly can be tricky when it comes to some celebrations, such as Halloween. Sure one can choose to celebrate Halloween completely - it is after all a fairly new fan in Sweden - but many who have family with less children who think it is fun may still want to celebrate somewhat.

So, how can you celebrate and still try to minimize the imprint?

My tip is to make the actual preparation for an event in itself, and instead of buying everything, making its own!

Make own Halloweengodis

There are lots of scary and fun (and more useful) Halloween goodies you can do yourself, and often think children think it's much more fun.

Witch finger with almondails, strawberry ghosts (strawberries dipped in white chocolate with chcled buttons to eyes) and cake spindles (double cakes with some fill and salty sticks to legs) are some simple and child-friendly ideas. Recipe is available on CakebyMary.!

Make one's own Halloween pussy

Sitting down at the table and crafting is a cozy family activity that is not only better for the environment than buying finished decorations, but also benefits both community and creativity and creation.

Growing out of a pumpkin (and of course use the invoice in cooking) is a classic, but things such as sugar painting and cutting figures in spooky shapes are also fun, or why not take the chance to re-agree things, like old toarulls, buttons, fabric tags and yarns to scary figures?

Here are tips on Sugar paintings!

Make your own halloween masks and costumes

Little colorful cardboard, color / crayons and tissue hands far. Or one but non-toxic face painting!

Here are tips on your own Halloween masks.