Zero Waste Mensskydd?

The average menstruating person uses thousands of disposable bindings or tampons during their lifetime.If you would count it in money, the sum rises right quickly to huge proportions. During a lifetime, we spend who have men's approximately SEK 70,000 on men's protection ..!

In addition, it is also important to talk about the enormous waste created and that many of the market mensagement Contains chemicals, bleach, chlorine and perfume (something one might not want so close to its intimate areas).

Here are some environmentally friendly options:

Reusable Tygbindor.

Tygbindor is an incredible affordable option. They are washable, absorbent and are available in various variants for different flows. They are made to be used over and over again for many years.

Bambaw washable cloth binders.


The but the cup is perhaps the most revolutionary mensage so far. It is a reusable manual cover that has about the same function as a tampon, but which does not suck up the mens without gathering it when it is naturally headed out of the body.

They are made of 100% silicone and can be used for up to about 10 years.

MEAN COPS Silicone.



Menstrosor is a decent new concept that has already received many faithful followers. The panties look just like common panties and come in all possible forms, from hipster to string, with high to low waist and everything in between.

The panties have a thin padding and a moisture barrier that protects against leakage. The padding extends from the branch and right up to the rear waistband. The materials allow the skin to breathe, which preserves a dry surface and counteracts unpleasant odors. Many women use a couple for a whole day. Floors are available in various absorption levels depending on the flow and they can fully replace napkins, tampons and panty liners.